FR: The Last Set

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Wooh, time for another post….

What a weekend, it was amazing. Thanks for the RSD crew, we had a big up coming and everyone was uber-cool..

Excelt Collatio, he looked like steve-o, and he got incredible drunk because he had acces to freebeer.

Friday Night

I went out Friday night, and had a blast with some friends of mine just shooting the shit, not really approaching.

Me and my natural-wing, switched to a other bar, which was completely empty so we talked a bit with the bargirl and made a bit of fun.

After shooting the shit with her, and talking a bit, we left again.

Went back to our group, and it still wasn’t busy it wouldn’t get busy anymore anyway, not alot of approaching done that night, but it was fun nevertheless.


Damn, I woke up early from Friday, and needed to work untill 6. I had some fun with the girls on my work, shooting the shit.. Listening to Sean Messenger and learned a shitload.

Work finnished GREAT, quickly jumped in shower, then ate the chicken I brought and my dad drove me to the Trainstation, I just got there in time… like the door were closing and my JACKET was fucking stuck in the door… Luckily I could still grab it out, and the train-driver was enormous friendly by letting me step in his cabin and walk via that into the train!

In the Train, I had a very good time the trip took so 2-hours +/- to get to the place of glory.

What did I do in the train?[b]

Hah, funny I ask myself!..

I actually approached, woah


She was a german-girl, had a little chitchat, and then went back to the book i’m currently reading “Psycho-Cybernetics 2000.ed”… I slowly got in state(I get in state because of Reading “…

Then the last half hour, I dropped the book. And started meditating on all kinds of scenarios, approaching, closing etc just keeping a calm relaxed breathing pattern.

When I got the mental-pictures of approaching, I notice my body slowly building anxiety, but I just kept calm and blocked the bad stuff out…. calm-relaxed.

Like little waves of internal smiling confidence.


Hit up with Script and Collatio, yay they got me off the trainstation not exactly a hot blonde or something, but they looked cool…

And I sweat Collatio looks like Steve-O

Collatio was hungry as hell so he got himself some take-a-way dinner…

Talked a bit about game, and stuff there nothing special. What else they do in their life, just vibing.

Oh, collatio brother is a cool-dude aswell


We came back, and collatio ate…. and ate…. and ate… omg HE’s SOO SLOW IN EATING, a big-pizza he ate in 30 minutes orso, fucking slow LOL.

When he finnaly was finnished eating, we went to search for a little prebar and drank a bit.

Edje Noh and ?(I forgot your nick ) joined up with us..

Had a blast, everyone is really cool no freakshows at all… well except steve-o

Back to the bar

Yeah, went back to the bar(again) and slowly but surely people started to drop in..

Voloria and Tenser walked in too, and greeted the new guys.

Everyone in the current group kinda hesitated to approach “THe set of doom”(big-ass set of 10-14 girls 1round 17-years)

But, Tenser boom went in there sat down had them laughing in 30 secs orso.
Reinforcements where sent in as the form of velouria.

I went in too, hah then tenser and velouria left the set grrr, i stayed in untill I saw the fun go down, and went back to the guys.

Then Tenser talked to me we need to get everyone in state, and we got everyone on the dancefloor… and started acting like crazy..

Hah, at one point I hit the indifference treshold and starting screaming and grabbing girls todance with them, hell I even danced with a girl in front of me and one in my back and they fucking loved it ( I probably could have closed…. i wasnt even thinking about it lol).

IT went out Approach blow-out, approach approach approach, hell I felt like a fucking little snowball causing a avelanche… I kicked other guys under their ass to approach, and got them in state with me.

Everyone was having fun, and we were owning the dancefloor girls started randomly dancing against us and inside our circle…LORDING WOOT

On towards the last set

Well since I never been to Rotterdam, I wanted to go a bit so I got the guys together(damn you guys are worse then a group of schoolkids..

And we went, and found a new cool place… ( We were only left with 4-peeps0|

So we went on to a new bar opened, some new sets.

And it went cool, had a little minor state crash… But recovered quickly…

Opened some more sets, untill i had a major crash and i needed a little break.

Then I saw the girl I talked to before(which was really going good, untill they left for the toilet( I was like oh, great fucked up).

Talked to her, and some chode came and i ignored him, she completely blew him away herself.. She went to her friend and I seated myself, with a big-ass space so if she would join she could sit next to me(maybe IOI seeking but yeah, compliance test)

And, she did she sat next to me started talking to me (while my wing was talking to the other girl).

Not much was said, but the tension got a bit higher, strong eyecontact(been focussing alot on that lately).

Me: Are you adventurous?
She: Yeah, a bit
Me: How good can you kiss from 1-10?
She: 10!!!
Me: I don’t believe you(Vacuum)
She: Looked-away, and said smth(hmmrm)
Me: Kept vacuum
She: Started kissing me

I never kissclosed a girl with a tongue piercing xD

On towards the next-weekend

What have I learned?

– Every experience is a reference point
– It’s good to sometime go into your head, and make tactical movements.
– Shitload more probably but I can’t put them in words yet

OH BTW THE WING WAS “HOLLAND” he’s on theplace too ;D


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Out with the old, in with the new… the power of C.R.A.F.T

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Books Books Books

Yeah Mental destruction, i’m reviving my old love for reading slowly but surely.

I’m currently reading  Psycho-Cybernetics 2000 Ed.

Wow, I’ve only read 39 pages out of 345, it’s close to amazing…. the biofeedback psychology I’ve never heard of it.

I’ve only read the first tid-bit of the book, and I can already relate to alot of the fictional characters being introduced…

Old situation
When I was younger I was one of the worst readers of my class, I could barely spell or read words.

I build the habbit of not KNOWING i could read, discarding reading as something I would never be able to… at the age of 6(Talk about a good base for the rest of your life)… lucky my mom was there, she spend enormous time in me to influence me and get me to change to the POSSIBILITY of being able to read….
She put a half year out in me, reading almost every day with me, simpel to more difficult texts, I began to find a pro-found place in my hearth for reading….

In one  HALF year I caught up with the fastest readers in my class, the other [b] HALF [/b] year I surpassed every reader in my class, with amazing speed and preciseness of reading.. I eventually when I was older also looked at some speed-reading.

Now why do I tell this story?

It lays out the perfect principle of the C.R.A.F.T system Dr.Maltz introduced

1. Cancel… Block out the negative patterns in your head… Actually my mom influenced my young spongy mind to immediately block out these NEGATIVE thoughts….


3. Afirm… due to practice I began forming simple words, where-as I simple spelled them before

4. Focus…. I kept on focussing on improving my reading ability, going from a kid who SEEMED dumb, but had a great intellect to a very precise and good reader…

5. Train….. Keep on improving this ability still to-day, I’m looking again into speed-reading to improve my reading and ability to recall the information.

….. Now why I tell this to you, and to myself once again has a major point in our journy in all parts of life…

The system is applicatable to ALL things you can develop, it can be  Simple but it may not be Easy…..

Especially in pick-up, self-acceptence, etc…. the whole training grounds is very simple…. BECOME A GOOD SEX-WORTHY ATTRACTIVE GUY…

Is it easy? NO, there is no magic pill, except the blood and tears of your own [b]HARD [/b] WORK…..

So, next time when I have another negative thought…

I.e —> I’m not in state

My first word will be OUT-LOUD STOP/CANCEL(actually speak out loud)… this will 2x influence you through your own THOUGHTS(conscious) and your hearing (conscious/unconscious)….

2. I Don’t need state, i’m attractive
3. Find positive reference points in the past!
4. Focus on your goal, you want to talk to THAT girl… GO
5. Keep repeating this so it’ll become your new, unconscious guidence system and you don’t need to think about it anymore…

Peace out guys


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The first day of the rest of my life….

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Hey guys, what’s up…

I decided to start a blog…. to track my progress, and offer an independ view on pick-up, and self-development in general…

This blog will be about everything and nothing, I will provide tips… and hopefully I will actually organise it in a way that’s understandable..

Also I will try to improve my writing skill..

Cya in the field,


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